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Matthias Gundermann


Diploma in Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, TU Berlin
Diploma in Architecture, University of Applied Sciences Würzburg

The breadth of my education and management experience in technical and commercial functions at home and abroad are the basis of my comprehensive entrepreneurial perspective.

The key to the successful turnaround of a foreign company is the quick and clear prioritization of the core topics for the realignment. The efficient implementation of the measures requires strong local teams and targeted support from headquarters.

Local deficits in leadership skills and qualifications are often the cause of undesirable developments. Clear organizational development and the rapid and professional recruitment of new forces and talents are then indispensable. Equally crucial is the streamlining of the workforce and separation of employees who do not support the change.

Systematic evaluation, incentives and potential development are the key to sustainable employee motivation and the company's success. Team spirit and productive cooperation in multinational working groups are essential in global organizations. Awareness of intercultural differences while at the same time having a common understanding of global issues is of particular concern to me.

Corporate development takes place in project formats in the different functional areas: Operations, Production, Finance, Sales and Marketing, Service, QM, Controlling and IT. Only the parallel implementation and tight management of the projects for the individual subject areas such as cost reduction, capacity adjustments or relocations leads to the necessary speed of change processes.