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China - Russia

Invest Develop Restructure

With my wealth of experience in China and Russia and a network of experienced business partners on site, I support you in mastering the challenges you face on your road to success. Setting up an entirely new company as well as restructuring existing activities both constitute part of my successful references. Although China offers unique opportunities as a market and production location, a lot of investments face start-up problems or cannot reach the profit zone in the long term. For this I offer you proven solutions that lead your company to success.

Areas of Expertise

  • Setting up turn-key production facilities in China
  • Comparing location alternatives: labor, markets, suppliers, logistics
  • Chinese companies: JV versus WFOE – incorporation and setup
  • Complete overhauling of unsuccessful joint ventures
  • Restructuring of existing factory or enterprise
  • Market analysis and benchmarking
  • Setting up sales organization, verify potential partners
  • Locating reliable suppliers for components, material and equipment
  • Auditing suppliers, supplier strengthening, purchase negotiations
  • Implementing efficient controlling and reporting to headquarters
  • Protecting your intellectual property, patents and licenses
  • Recruiting Chinese managers for key positions
  • Taking responsibility for company abroad as a supervisory board member
  • Supporting negotiations with business partners